Juicing on the go!

All of us want to have a healthy body. We want to possibly take all the nutrients we could get in every meal. Being healthy means being a productive individual. When you are healthy, you have the peace of mind and can do work properly and even still have the energy for playtime.

Food is very vital for our everyday living. People have been using nutrition to build health and energy. Fresh fruits and vegetables are the great source of nutrients which includes vitamins and minerals. We cannot ensure that you are getting the maximum amount of nutrients by eating raw fruits and vegetables. This is where juicing takes place. Freshly pressed juices are not only delicious; it also provides a number of health benefits.

Juicing helps to pre-digest large amount of nutrients efficiently which you can’t get from ordinary eating or masticating and eventually will pass straight to you. Most people thought that juicing takes time and an additional chore to do when preparing meals but they don’t know that it would just take more or less than 5 minutes to prepare a glass of juice (depending on the quantity of fruits you want to juice). There are lots of amazing juicers on the market today that can help you to make juicing easier and faster and of course maintaining the nutrition value of your favorite fruit or veggies.

Don’t make drinking juices as your complete set of meal or an alternative. It should be used as an additional preparation to your standard meals. It can be taken in the morning before eating your breakfast as it will help your body to warm up your digestive tract and to absorb nutrients effectively. It can also be taken with a meal or between meals as an appetizer. Just keep in mind that is best to drink freshly pressed juices right away to avoid further chemical reaction of nutrients and enzymes when exposed to air.

So what are the fruits that you can possibly juice? Most fruit and veggies can be juiced it really depends in the kind of diet you want. Healthy fruits to juice include carrots, cabbage, celery, tomatoes, parsley, apples, lettuce and many more. Seek for any juice recipe book to enjoy your juicing experience. Fruit juices are usually sweet and not right to drink for diabetic consumers. Vegetable juices are the most safe and nutritious juice that you can take. For better taste, combine lemons or limes into your vegetable juice.

So what are you waiting for? Find or read our juicer reviews to help you choose the best juicer for you so start your juicing session! By the way, here is my latest favorite juicer: Omega J8005 Nutrition Center Single-Gear Commercial Masticating Juicer.




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