Juicing tips

Juicing has several tips in order to know and drink better one. First is that before you go to the juicing lifestyle, be sure to know which juicer that can provide best juice, I mean, juicer that can break down the fiber of the fruits well. When searching for a fruit and vegetable juicer, it is best to choose one that is going to give you the most juice possible. It is recommended that the best juicer to buy has a motor rating of 450 watts. If you have a more powerful juicer, the heat from the juicer will damage the nutrients in the fruits or vegetables. If you have a less powerful juicer, the motor will try to work too hard and eventually break down.

To clean your fruit and vegetable juicer, you should start by first cleaning the blades under warm running water. You should use a brush to remove the particles from the basket. You may be able to wash the removable parts in your dishwasher if your fruit and vegetable juicer manual approves. Dry all parts before putting the juicer back together.

Best juice can get from fresh vegetables and fruits because they carry the most nutrients and vitamins so it is preferable to choose fresh one. In choosing fruits, go for organic rather than non-organic because they have less pesticides and preservatives compared to non-organic fruits. Another one is that never ever juice overripe fruits or vegetables because of botulism. As much as possible, don’t juice fruits and vegetables with low water content, you will drink juice not to eat a crashed fruits.

Another tip also is that don’t mix fruits and vegetables in juicing. These two have different enzymes which juicer will broken down and these enzymes will compete with each other and this will also lower the bio-availability of the juice you are drinking and therefore make it less nutritious.

Fresh juice is better to drink right after it is being juice because its nutrients will lose as time passes. It depends on your purpose, if you are drinking juice for weight loss, then it is best to drink the juice in the morning to assure that there is nothing else in the digestion for the juice to compete with and thus its nutrients will completely absorb. This is also preferable in helping to detoxify the body.

Study shows that the skin or peel of the fruits carries the most nutrients of the fruits so in juicing, you include the skin except to the fruits like orange and bananas. You may not include it but for the improvement of nutrition you can get from it, and then better include the skin and peels. And thus best juicer on the market can able to break down the skin or the peels of fruits well. Aside from the skin, tops and stems are also nutritious however there are few exceptions like carrot and rhubarb tops which contain substances that are mildly toxic to our body. Lastly, drink juice everyday even twice a day for a healthier life.

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