Juicing Tips (Part 1)

Juicing is a natural way of keeping the body healthy. There’s no doubt why people are very fan of juicing and make it their daily habit. By the help of juicing, it keeps us away from illnesses and makes our skin glowing inside and out. But before juicing any fruits and vegetables, there are some tips to be considered enable to get the maximum nutrients and proper way of making juice. Here are some of the basic and common tips one should know: (In this article, I will only give my five juicing tips. :) Visit my other articles  for additional tips.)

1.When To Drink your Juice? If you are new to juicing, start slow juicing leafy greens than fruit juices. Maintain this for a week – it will help you to get used on different flavors sooner or later. If you cant take the taste of some veggie juice, combine it with some lime or citrus to have a better taste. Apple is also a safe fruit to be combined with vegetables and fruits. Drink your juice early in the morning to warm up your digestive tract and between meals.

 2. Drink Them Fresh. It is advisable to drink immediately the freshly made juice to avoid oxidation. What happens when oxidation takes place? It will destroy nutrients and the enzymes present on your specific juice. If you have some juice left which you want to drink later, be sure to keep it in an air tight container which can suck out the excess air that could help to preserve your favorite juice.

3. Be wise on Buying Fruits and Vegetables. Please make sure that the fruits and vegetables are fresh and free from unnecessary bruises. Be sure to separate fruits and vegetables from other raw items such as meats to avoid contamination. When buying already chop fruits in a retail stores, be sure that it is refrigerated and still fresh.

4. Fruits and Vegetables Preparation. Wash properly the fruits and vegetables you want to juice. There are some fruits that is high in chemical content (when it is not organic) so peeling its skin can lessen the major chemical content of it. After that, chop so that it will be easy for the juicer to process it. And always prepare all the juicer accessories you needed before you start juicing to save your time and effort.

5. Seek for Juicing recipes. Having a juicing recipe book will help you to have an awesome juicing experience. It gives you the choice and can help you to decide what fruit or vegetable juice to prepare everyday. Plan ahead of time and make a juice schedule to make it more fun!

I hope that these 5 simple juicing tips will help you in your juicing. I know that this is not hard to follow and when done, good results will come. Start juicing today or visit our site to help you decide which juicer to buy. Happy Juicing!

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