SA EO QB900 Ninja Master Prep Chopper


SA EO QB900 Ninja Master Prep Chopper



Price: $68.99

The package includes master prep (48 oz) pitcher, 2 cup mini master prep with additional 2 bonus mini master preps with lids.

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Love to drink? Try this SA EO QB900 Ninja Master Prep Chopper. It does a good job of chopping and blending fruits and vegetables to make your favorite smoothies, milkshakes, snow cones and many more! It has a simple design with great performance in cutting and crushing ice. It chops the food fast and with its built in anti-spill you are rest assured that there will be no mess on your countertop. Its Interchangeable pulser is very helpful for controlled and versatile use of the device.

The package includes master prep (48 oz) pitcher, 2 cup mini master prep with additional 2 bonus mini master preps with lids. Aside from that, a quick start guide and recipe book is also included for your convenience. The cleaning process is very easy and the parts are dishwasher safe. You can easily store this inside your kitchen cabinet.

SA EO QB900 Ninja Master Prep Chopper features and Specifications:
• Chops, minces, dices and purees food for preparing a large selection of beverages and snacks
• Interchangeable pulser for controlled and versatile use
• 1 Master Prep 48 oz. Pitcher, 2 cup Mini Master Prep Plus 2 Bonus Mini Master Preps all with lids
• Quick Start Guide and Recipe Book included
• Built-in anti spill for no mess use

SA EO QB900 Ninja Master Prep Chopper is good for:
• Juicing
• Mincing
• Chopping
• Crunching (ice)
• Food processing
• blending

The Pros:
• Easy to clean
• Easy to use
• dishwasher safe parts
• Kid-friendly product
• Crunch ice perfectly

The Cons:
• Its blade is very small and easy to lose, and if it’s lost, it’s impossible to put the blades in properly

Bottom line: SA EO QB900 Ninja Master Prep Chopper is best for making ice cream since it has a great performance in crunching ice. Also, it is best for chopping job.

Buy this SA EO QB900 Ninja Master Prep Chopper for only $68.99 at You could also read the customers reviews for better insights about this product. Recommends:’s Pick for  Juicer Accessories: Magic Bullet 20 piece set Platinum Pro Stainless Steel

Here’s what current owners have to say about it:

M. Bourgeois says:
I just bought this, and I was a little skeptical at first. When I brought it home, I wanted to try it out immediately.. so I filled it up with huge ice cubes and when I turned it on, it turned into really fine snow in about 3 seconds, with no chunks at all. I made margaritas the next night and they were perfect! I would highly recommend this product. It is a great investment, considering it takes the place of a blender and a food processor. I bought mine at Sam’s club for $50.
Penny P says:
When it works this is a great design. Food is chopped fast and in uniform pieces and I haven’t seen anything (even the $400 high end mixer/juicers) do as well making snow-cone texture out of ice. What is disappointing is the cheap plastic used in crucial areas. In spite of the fact that I was careful only to pulse when I used it, within 3 days the plastic tip of the blades on the bowl were stripped so it would no longer grip the plastic sprocket on the underside of the motor head, so the blades would not turn. Within 2 more days the piece on the motor head was also worn down so it would not grip and turn the pitcher blades either. The first time I left a message on the web site and have never heard back from that. A week later I called with both issues and got the bowl blades only. When they arrived I called again about the power head and they are sending that now. Customer service took awhile to get through to but they were helpful once I did. If they replaced the tips of the blade kits and the piece under the motor with higher-quality plastic or metal I would happily pay more for this item; as is I would not recommend it.
Monika Moore says:
I have them all, Majic bullet, Ultimate Chopper, Blender,etc., but the Ninja makes puree so quickly with just a few pulses meat is pureed. I have a bariactric diet and this is the best ever machine. The extra, small containers that were a bonus come in so handy.Bought one for my daughter as a gift. Quickest smoothie maker ever. One cup liquid, 1 cup frozen fruit, 1/2 banana protein powwder, pulse a few times and you are done!


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